How to Place an Order

Kuranya Australia has made our website and ordering process quick and efficient.  The best way to order is through this website because it is secure and very easy to use.  Start ordering online today!

The steps for ordering are as follows:

  1. Create an Account – If you would like to stock Kuranya Australia's beautiful products you will need to apply for a Wholesale Account.  To apply for a Wholesale Account please complete the Online Create an Account form.  A link is located on the left of the website.

    You will receive an email confirming that your application to Create an Account has been received by Kuranya Australia and it will include all the details that you completed on the Create an Account form.
    Kuranya Australia maintains a high standard and therefore our review process will protect you and your customers.  Once we have reviewed your request and granted you Wholesale access, we will send you an email to confirm you have Wholesale Access.  Then you will be able to Log-In, view prices and start shopping.
  2. Log-In – Logging-In to the Kuranya Australia Wholesale Area will give you access to view wholesale prices, order online and much more.  A link  to Log-In is located on the left of the website.
  3. Start Shopping – Once Logged-In as a Registered Business with Wholesale Access you can start shopping by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button for any of our fabulous products.   You will be able to view and edit your Shopping Cart at any time.  You will be able to select your Shipping Method, review the cost of Shipping and then Check Out.
  4. Check Out – When you are ready to Check Out just click on the Proceed to Check Out button.  You will be taken through the 4 steps to check out:
    Step 1: Billing Details - confirm your billing address
    Step 2: Shipping Details - confirm your delivery address
    Step 3: Shipping Method  - confirm your delivery method
    Step 4: Order Confirmation - confirm your order such as products, quantity, price.
  5. Payment - payment is made prior to delivery.  Payment options include:
    1. Bank Deposit
    2. Cheque or Check
    3. PayPal
  6. Log in to PayPal - You will automatically be taken to the PayPal website so that you can Log-In and gain access to the payment process.
  7. Confirmation of Your Order - You will receive an email confirming that your order has been received by Kuranya Australia with the details of what you have ordered, prices, shipping details, how payment is to be made, etc.
  8. Fulfilment of your Order – Kuranya Australia will pack your order and send it to you using the Shipping method that you have selected once full payment has been received.

Congratulations your Order is on its way to you!